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How to Build an MTGO Collection for FREE: A New Players Guide (Part 1)

Hello everyone, we here at the Magic Online Society would like to bring you an article, a guide, a pathway, if you will into the world of Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO). MTGO is a wonderful place to play Magic: The Gathering, whether you are looking to play casual commander with your friends or play in some of the toughest competitions that exist in Magic.

The purpose of this guide is to take a player who has a brand new MTGO account with absolutely 0 constructed decks and build a legacy collection over time without actually putting in any money of their own. I’m talking 100% free, utilizing the Private Run Event circuits that exist on MTGO. This is possible, although it will take some time to get there. This guide will aid you in building a MTGO collection that you can be proud of. You will go from literal zero, to an FNM hero! MTGO differs from every other version of digital magic in one key area, its economy. The economy of MTGO is a digital replication of the secondary market in paper MTG. You actually own your digital collection, it is yours. There are a finite number of digital versions of cards and you can openly trade those to other players, just like you would in paper. The difference is that companies such as Cardhoarder, MTGOTraders, Goatbots and many others now offer a way to buy and sell cards instantly with the aid of vendor bots. Within MTGO, if you have the need, you can even sell your collection of real world currency. Companies such as CardHoarder for example, will purchase your MTGO collection for money, so this guide can be repeated over time if you are in the market of building collections to sell. We hope that is not the case, we want you to build a collection to continue playing, as MTGO has the benefit of being able to play Magic on your time.. We also understand that life happens and if you need currency and your MTGO account can be sold, it's understandable to do so. MTGO in-game currency is known as an Event Ticket. With these event tickets, you can enter into MTGO premier play events and these event tickets can be bought and sold at 1 USD per ticket from the MTGO store. These event tickets can also be traded amongst players, so many times the economy is based around the price of an event ticket. You can typically buy an event ticket from a vendor for less than 1 USD, so it's important to know going into MTGO that the event ticket is the base of the economy.

So where do you begin?

You begin with the Free rental account that is offered by CardHoarder. For the purposes of this article we will use CardHoarder as the base rental account and the place to purchase your cards. As a disclaimer, the Magic Online Society is sponsored by CardHoarder. There are other options for rental companies, but we here at the MOS, recommend CardHoarder.

You can apply for this free rental account here: What this will allow you to do, is rent up to 5 tickets worth of cards, absolutely free. With this free rental tool, we will begin grinding our first of the free private run tournament circuits, Penny Dreadful!

So that's the first step, figure out your rental account. Get the account, become familiar with how to rent the cards. Part 1 of this article series is going to end here so that you can go figure out how to do that. Once you have your free rental account, come back to part of this article series where we will begin playing MTGO and winning some credit.


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