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Heritage Format and Why It's Amazing

Hello everyone, this is BoBoFraggles once again bringing you an article, this time reinforcing and doubling down on an amazing fan made format, Heritage. If you don’t know what Heritage is, its Legacy without any supplemental products. No commander, no jumpstart, no modern horizons, no nothing. The legal card pool has come through standard sets.

This brings an entire new take on the format, yet it has a similarity to current legacy that really just makes the nostalgia go far. I will explain why I think this format has some of the biggest potential of the fan made formats.

I want to start out by saying this, I don’t believe this format should ever replace current legacy. I love the current legacy and I think most people are starting to believe it's in a good place. What I will say for this format is that it should and can be enjoyed in conjunction with current legacy. This format allows you to play a wide variety of archetypes in brand new ways. It will allow you to flex your legacy muscles and play additional variations to eternal magic. So lets get into why this format is so amazing!

Never Stale

One thing I hate is a completely solved format. I like innovation and allowing new cards to shine that beat the current metagame. The rate that WOTC prints standard sets, there are always new cards entering the Heritage format. This means that the format is not bound to get stale and there is always potential with new cards

Appreciating Standard Sets

Secondly, I think that Heritage gives new excitement to new standard releases. Let's be honest, Modern Horizons 1 & 2, Commander, Jumpstart and Unfinity products are very powerful and outshine standard releases. Other than maybe a few cards out of the last 5 or 6 standard sets, the power of the format and the metagame movement comes from these supplemental set releases. Standard cards just don’t have enough push, even with F.I.R.E design. What Heritage allows you to do is evaluate new standard cards on an entire new level and appreciate them more. Cards that you wouldn’t think are insanely good, very much are in this format. It keeps it fresh and keeps you engaged with new sets.

Its Familiar

Heritage is extremely familiar as a current legacy player. All the archetypes that you currently love are still viable. Stoneblade, UW Control, ANT, Prison, Infect, Delver and many more are all known archetypes within the format. One fun thing to do is try to brew your favorite archetype and remove the supplemental cards. It allows you to search through magic history to find replacement cards for those. You will be surprised how many cards are from supplemental products. Additionally, it engages you more deeply with the archetypes that you love and allows you to experiment with them in ways you wouldn’t have been able to before


Since Heritage is a community driven format, it has a very kind and wonderful community associated with it. I love the Heritage community and since The Magic Online Society is hosting monthly leagues, you get to play the format and win prizes, all with no cost! Talking about archetypes is also a lot fun and discussing the possibilities with others is always a great way to interact with the game


Heritage tournaments are mainly happening through The Magic Online Society. They host a monthly league every month where prizes are awarded out in MTGO tickets. You can find more information about that by joining their discord. There is no downside, you can play the format all you want for FREE. Its absolutely amazing that there are free to play tournaments for this format and deck lists are being collected and cataloged for easy searching through

So there are some reasons that I love this format. Its fun, fresh and the community is great. I highly encourage you to give it a shot and play with TMOS. Its free, prize supported and the competition is strong! We would love for you to give it a shot, you can interact with the format by joining the Heritage Discord and / or TMOS discord server, preferably both!

Thanks for sticking with the article and I hope to see you around the discord soon, tag BoBoFraggles if you are looking for games to play!

Viva La MTGO!



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