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Heritage! Legacy 2.0

This is BoboFraggles once again bringing you a new article from the Magic Online Society. With the rise of Fan-made formats, specifically on MTGO, we at the MOS are continuing to bring you more and more support and different ways to play Magic Online! In today’s article, I will be talking about the newly supported MOS format, Heritage! Heritage is Legacy with a twist! All traditional legacy cards are legal, except there are no supplemental products allowed.

Heritage is a wonderfully diverse format that has a great and respectful community!

What is Heritage?

In Heritage, the following card sets are not legal: Commander Releases Modern Horizons 1 & 2, Jumpstart Unfinity Heritage had some grassroots beginnings and got some early support, even had a large paper tournament, sponsored by AnziDMTG! There were big names such as GerryT at this event and it really seemed to have a good following. A discord was then created and now the MOS is sponsoring monthly leagues on MTGO! We catalog the decklists and are building a decklist database for players to search through and find their favorite archetypes. Join the discord here and discover this amazing format! The format has an interesting take, I think we took for granted how powerful the commander cards have been since day 1. I initially didn’t even think about it, but staples of the legacy format such as True-Name Nemesis, Flusterstorm & Baleful strix are all commander cards thus not legal. Without the commander sets, its legacy in its purest form and the deckbuilding is limitless, its an absolute wide open format! Like any new fan-made format, it struggles to get off the ground, which is where the MOS steps in. By us hosting continual monthly events, we can begin to build a decklist database and keep the community involved. Our commitment to this format is ongoing.

Magic Online Society Heritage Leagues

We had our first league in February and it was a great one. It was small, but we had approximately 5 players, for 4 round robin matches. Eventually the top 2 faced off and crowned our first ever monthly champion. It was Bant Infect that took the event down, which you can find that decklist here! Marches league already has more players and we are excited to see this community grow over time. Come join the MOS discord server today and begin to play this format! The MOS has committed time and resources to the leagues. Every league will be FREE TO PLAY and provide prize support in the form of event tickets.

Prizes for the leagues are as follows: 1st - 3 event tickets 2nd - 2 event tickets 3rd/4th - 1 event ticket. We hope that the community will enjoy these events and we can’t wait to grow with the format. If you have any more questions regarding Heritage, please ask either in the Heritage Discord or the MOS discord, we will always be around. More Heritage articles are on the way, so please stay tuned! With all the MTGO love possible, BoBoFraggles


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